Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bus Report #277

It's been a quiet if occasionally exasperating week so far on the bus.
In no order, here's what's going on:

The woman at my stop in the morning (who constantly feels the need to flag down the smiley bus driver) flagged her down. Again. This has been going on for months.
The smiley bus driver just did what she always does. She smiled at me and raised her eyebrows, then opened the door right in front of me to let me in first.

I saw Nikolas on the bus last night, it was strange to see him during daylight.
I asked him how he was doing.
"Well, I really hurt my back this morning, so not that good," he said.
Poor guy.

The Western Addition Branch Library is reopening soon. The building is very well lit at night so I can see inside when we drive by. There aren't any books yet, just shelves. I can't wait until they bring back the books. It's a great little library.

The Hotel Casa Loma is up for sale again. Guess New College couldn’t keep it. Hope it finds a buyer soon.

The 38 was so crowded last night I had to spend my whole ride with a woman's bare belly inches from my face. She had a belly button piercing. It was a little gross.

On my errands at work today I ran in to Ramon. He crossed the street to come say hi, then promptly tripped at the curb before I could give him a hug. It's been a while. it was nice to see him.


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