Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bus Report #281

On Christmas day, the crazies ride the bus.
Well, the crazies plus one.
That would be me.
I caught a 38 Geary yesterday morning to go to the newly renovated Kabuki to see Juno.
The bus was coming as I got to Geary, so I risked dying on Christmas to cross the street.
The bus was mostly empty, except for a few people wearing really weird hats (felt, torn up shirts, puffy paint... Wasn't sure what was going on there), several elderly grandmas and grandpas and of course, what bus ride is complete without a crazy?
Only we had 1 crazy per 5 people.
The first crazy was a woman wearing what looked like a sleeping bag belted around her body with a bungee cord or bit of rope. She had a hat on that could have been made of newspaper, but I couldn't really tell from where I was sitting. She sat in the back of the bus and argued with herself quite loudly in Chinese.
The second crazy was a skinny, sick-looking homeless man with bright, yellowed eyes. He said "Merry Christmas" to everyone he walked by. Everyone said "Merry Christmas" back to him.
He sat towards the back of the bus. He was still talking, to himself this time, when I glanced back. He had managed to shove all his fingers in his mouth at the same time, while continuing to speak in a strange, strangled manner.
The third crazy was this dude from the neighborhood who likes to shoot people looks of death, mumble to himself, and pick threads from his jeans.
I ignored them all.
The Kabuki was still closed when I got down to Fillmore, so I walked over to Nijiya Market to get some movie snacks. I got Choco Baby and Men's Pocky (I know, I'm not a man but I like the pocky anyway!).
Back at the Kabuki I waited in line with about 15 other people.
Inside, we were asked to select our seat from a touch screen. I chose an aisle.
It's really great, this reserved seating thing they're doing there!
No more waiting for your friends with coats thrown over seats. Nope. Now you just buy a block of seats, no problem.
Juno was a cute movie, I recommend it.

This morning, the woman who always flags down the bus wasn't at my stop. The smiley driver grinned at me and said, "She's not here today!"
I smiled back. "Yes," I said. "Not today."

On the 22 Fillmore there were only a few commuters. Among the morning regulars we had the Catfish Face man, the smelly guy, the girl who shouldn't have dyed her hair black and some Roche Bobois guys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love men's pocky too!! and yes, what bus ride wouldn't be complete without a crazy!

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