Monday, December 31, 2007

Bus Report #284

New Year's Eve day, and not a lot of people out and about at 7 AM, fancy that!
I waited in the cold dark at Fillmore and Geary without any of the other regulars today.

Across the street, three limp, tired ex-Christmas trees were lined up against the side of a building.
The bus came and I got on. I sat against the window near the back door.
There was something wrong with the hydraulics on the back door, so that any time it opened or closed the whole bus shook. Even though I knew exactly what was happening, it still made my eyeballs shake and my heart burrow further into my chest every time.

As we drove past the police station and the laundromat on Fillmore near Eddy, I saw someone in a bright yellow watch cap running to catch the bus. It was the original chef!
I watched him run, and hoped the sort of mean driver would wait for him at the next stop.
She did.

16th & Mission was a ghost town, which was unusual. The sort of mean driver gave a woman some directions and the woman got out of the bus. A couple minutes later, the sort of mean driver started honking her horn, finally managing to get the woman's attention. The woman climbed back onto the bus, as the sort of mean driver said, "Potrero, that's what you want. Potrero."
As we pulled in to my stop, I noticed my seatmate, one of the sewing ladies, had fallen asleep. I carefully maneuvered my way around her so I didn't wake her.
A woman with the walker managed to beat me across 16th Street by a full minute.

Happy New Year, everyone, and here's to safe, fast commutes in 2008!


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