Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bus Report #282

The Christmas or post-Christmas nuttiness continues.
Last night on my way home, everyone on my 22 Fillmore had some sort of weird issue going on.
The man across from me was wearing shorts, knee socks and bedroom slippers, and had a strange, vacant look on his face. Two drunks were slurring words and mumbling to each other, while one of them yelled into a turned-off cell phone.
People in the back of the bus started fighting, but I couldn't tell why.

At Church and Market, one of the drunks, a skinny boy in tight jeans, a black sweater and a black baseball hat got out and promptly went into the bus shelter opposite Chow, where he stood in the corner and peed up against the MUNI map. I didn't watch him, but it was pretty obvious what he was doing.

From Sutter Street I caught a 4 Sutter and rode it to the end of the line. I thanked the driver as I got out.
"That's the first thanks I've gotten all day," he called to me as I followed a mom and her daughter out the back door.
It was 6:15 PM.

This morning the smiley bus driver pulled up right in front of me, as usual. We exchanged 'hello's' and I went to sit down.
The couple who only ride a block or two got on, as did the bus flagger (who must have been running late, since she was not at the stop a minute earlier to flag in vain...)
The back door was stuck open so the smiley driver went to fix it. It took her a few minutes, with the help of a few guys who were sitting in the back.
One of the guys, who was wearing a ripped up blue pullover, picked up some trash that had been blocking the doors. The offending items? A dented, empty condensed milk can, and an empty plastic flask of some sort of alcohol (I couldn't see the label).
We were on our way a moment later.

On the 22, proof that Santa Claus is real:
A frail, sickly, elderly man with a cane got on the bus. He was wearing a duffel coat and worn-looking jeans, had a full white beard, and carried a bright red plastic sack.
The bag had a bio hazard symbol on it and said Peligro-Danger on it.
White beard? Red bag? You be the judge.


Blogger Tødd X. said...

I just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for spying on SF for us.

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Blogger Rachel said...

Thanks for reading!

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