Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bus Report #318

Animal Edition!

On Monday, my 38 Geary was packed.
People pushed each other, squeezed past old ladies, refused to step up off the stairs.
I had a crotch uncomfortably close to my face, someone's pasty white face pressed up against the plexiglass to my right.
And then, the rat.
A young couple, girl in 'edgy' black clothes (from a popular mall chain, I wondered?) and boy in ratty army surplus elbowed their way into the bus through the second door.
I noticed that people were staring at them, which seemed odd because really they weren't too weird looking.
Then I noticed that the boy was cuddling a rat. Yes, a rat.
Some pets (I would argue all pets) should not be on the bus.
Only a ferret would have been worse (and would have resulted in yours truly getting off the bus and WALKING home from Polk and Geary).

As seen on MUNI so far this week:
Catfish face man
Couple who only ever take the bus 2 blocks
Annoying woman who works with Carmen (still not wearing a belt, still showing way, way more skin than anyone wants to see from her)
Talking to himself man (who gets on at Valencia)
Talking to himself man (who gets on at Mission)
Crushed faux leather filthy lavender hat guy
The bus flagger


Blogger C O'Neil said...

I *love* running into Catfish face man. It's so hard not to stare. I always find him on the 22, in the morning.

Have you ever seen The Young Warlock? He's got long hair, pale skin, red streaks in long black hair and tends to mosey around nervously in a big trenchcoat or Australian duster jacket.

Another favorite, also a 22 dweller, Ain't Nothing But a Motherf*cking Wh*re Guy. Repeats it, over and over. Sometimes with variation. If you actually tell him to shush, he does -- politely!

4:17 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I wonder if ANBAMWG guy is the same as someone I had the pleasure of sitting in front of last week, who spent the whole ride from Potrero to Sutter mumbling variations on 'dumb ass devil b*tch motherf*cking c*cksucker b*tch'
Now, that was a treat...
I'll look for the Young Warlock!
Thanks for reading.

4:38 PM  
Blogger C O'Neil said...

Sounds like we're talking about the same guy here. Older black gentleman, dressed a bit traditionally, very repetitive with the profanity and then *snap* a total nice guy when you call him out on it.

He used to walk around my block at 2am in the morning doing his rant. When I finally popped my head out the window to tell him to shush, he apologized profusely and took his rant down the street to another block. My instructions to him were always, "Rant all you like in the PM hours, but never in the AM and never about women."

Encountering him on the 22 was always a treat -- as after I broke the ice I could always shut him up with a stern look. Other passengers would ask me if I was his social worker. I guess in a way, I was.

11:01 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

That's awesome.
I bet he has Tourette's or something.
I think it's probably the same guy.
Small city!

11:15 AM  
Blogger Whole Wheat Toast said...

if you file a complaint with muni, and they don't respond, spam them! but so far, creepy yet funny :D

6:33 PM  

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