Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bus Report #308 - This one is special, it's from my mom!

My poor mom, M., had to deal with some morons on the T today.
This is her story.

The "blondes" were 2 separate people.
"Blonde 1"- It started raining and Coolidge Corner T stop was very crowded. B1 got on and then was mad that anyone else got on. When I got on behind her, she said "what is this. India?"
so I said "no, Japan".
She said under her breath, "smart mouth" and made a face at me. At each stop she sucked her teeth and got annoyed when someone got on or off. I'm thinking "hasn't this woman ever taken the T before?" A guy and I kept looking at each other and rolling our eyes at her. I looked at he bag as she was leaving at Kenmore and a stethoscope was hanging out. I feel so sorry
for any patients she might have.

"Blonde 2"-was the same woman who complained last week when someone's arm was near her face (he was holding onto the pole). She was moving back near me and said really loudly, "What is this Twister?" It really was no worse than it sometimes gets.
I felt like saying, "have a nice day" when I got out but she was so annoyed that I had to get by her.
They both had dyed blonde hair and took themselves way too seriously.
Oy. What a way to start the day. I just laughed at them.


Anonymous cosmocrateroth said...

the double deuce, the african queen,two two, from the marina to the point, over hills, twisting, turning, stopping......can take two hours to complete it's route. if you're in a hurry, get off and walk. if it's urban pageantry you're after, welcome aboard. this is the line drivers who are being punished are assigned.

2:17 AM  

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