Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bus Report #313

For some reason my 22 Fillmore was late this morning. I waited at the stop with the young, always-overdressed-for-the-weather-sewing-lady, the annoying-always-pushing-in-front-of-everyone guy, a new commuter, the "I'm-from-Puerto-Rico-therefore-not-from-here" burnout guy (and yes, sir, if you are from Puerto Rico you ARE a legal resident and you ARE sorta from here) and a few other unknown commuters.

When our bus came, the pushing guy tried to push in front of me but I didn't let him.

Carmen was on the bus, but she was sitting and talking with the annoying woman who works with her who always takes up too much room on the double seats, always talks too loudly on her phone and doesn't wear a belt so that you end up seeing much more of her than you would like.
I said "hi" to Carmen and sat down behind them, next to the very stylish woman who sometimes wears really bizarre-looking jackets. No weird jacket today, just a couple of designer handbags.
When we got to her stop I stood up so she could get out, even though the bus was crowded.
A guy who usually gets on at Oak sat next to me after I slid in to the newly-empty window seat.

At Mission, a girl with a baby was trying to get out the front door and a guy barrelled his way onto the bus without letting her off first. The driver shouted after him, "That's the kind of thing that gets you thrown off the bus," but she didn't throw him off the bus for it.

At my stop I gestured to my seat mate that I needed to get out. He didn't stand up for me, just swung his legs into the aisle. If he was a stick thin tiny child this would have worked, but he wasn't, isn't, will never be. He is a big guy. I struggled to get past him, sucked my teeth, loudly, and I think I may have whacked him in the head with my lunch.
Good on me, I say.

Metronome Ballroom has a new name, I think I am happy to report (not knowing the details, I can't tell if this is a good change or a bad one).


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