Monday, April 07, 2008

Bus Report #312

Terrible bus luck on Friday...
I was on my way to the Haight Friday afternoon, so I ran to just barely catch the 33 from over by the Potrero Center.
We made it to 18th at Mission (right in front of Yamo) and that is where we stopped.
At first I thought we were waiting for the SFPD to finish arresting someone half way down the block from us, and I was content to watch them handcuff the guy and put him in the car.
We waited some more, and then finally the driver told everyone to get out.
I knew there was no chance we'd have another bus any time soon so I walked up to Castro and got on the 24 Divisadero, still thinking I might transfer at Haight and still run my Upper Haight-related errands.
The bus was packed.
People stared at the tall, perfectly poised and styled woman who confidently made her way to the back of the bus.
My seatmate, a high school kid, and her friend gossiped about the tall woman and debated whether or not she used to be a man. They talked about their weekend plans, shouted to a friend sitting in the back.
One of them told me I had nice eyes. I thanked her, then put on my sunglasses.
At Haight I decided I'd had enough. I rode out to Geary and switched to the 38, and headed home.

Yesterday I was on the 38 and I saw a guy I keep seeing all over town. I saw him pay his fare and move on back, and then I saw him pay his fare and move on back.
Yes, you guessed it, he is a twin.
They sat next to each other in the back of the bus. Uncannily identical, those two. Right down to their matching glasses.


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