Friday, May 02, 2008

Bus Report #319

Last night I rode the 38 home from downtown after hanging out with KT and AL.
KT and I managed to get a decent seat, and the ride was uneventful for most of the way.
At some point, I don't remember which stop, an older lady wearing a brown and yellow kerchief got on and immediately started talking, loudly, about how we were in the end times, the last days, that the devil was coming and mankind would be destroyed, etc.
Your typical MUNI ranter, right?
A couple of people engaged her, one man nodding his head, while another woman in a black hat got really annoyed at yellow kerchief lady.
"You know, you really need to stop," she said.
Which of course just egged on the yellow kerchief lady.
We couldn't hear everything that black hat was saying, but she was getting angrier and angrier, and eventually she got up and went up front, most likely to complain to the driver.
While kerchief lady kept on about the devil walking among us, and how we were doomed.
The black hat lady kept complaining.
Yellow kerchief lady eventually calmed down, and got out at her bus stop.
Who was crazier? So hard to tell.
Suddenly, we heard music behind us. Someone was blasting The Cranberries on their headphones, and SINGING ALONG.
Badly, badly.
She was tone deaf and I had a feeling she was singing the words but had no idea what she was saying. The oddest part of that was that her boyfriend was with her, and not once did he say, "you know, honey, maybe you could hold off until we get home?"
They got out before us, luckily.

This morning on the 22 Fillmore:
Saw the annoying woman who works with Carmen, again, still no belt.
Catfish face man, looking a little angry today.
The extremely stylish woman. Man is she tall! I never noticed it before.
A bunch of scruffy looking kids, one of whom was wearing spongebob pajamas and carried a dingy looking pillow. I felt a little bad for them, wondered where their mom was.
The woman who always wears sunglasses even at night.
The woman with the creepy little-girl ruffled dresses.
A man reading Etgar Keret's latest paperback, The Girl On The Fridge. Got to get a copy of that.


Anonymous Eddie said...

Such an odd blog--oddly entertaining, that is. And I don't even live in the city. Sadly(?), I've ridden MUNI only once.

8:58 AM  

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