Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bus Report #320

Friday afternoon I rode the 22 Fillmore down to Geary.
A couple got on the bus at Church and Market carrying a cat in a cardboard carrier from the SPCA.
The woman found a seat next to a teenage girl (who had a backpack with her and wore a t-shirt from Arriba Juntos) and the woman's husband stood next to her so he could check on the cat every few minutes.
At first the teenage girl didn't seem very interested in the couple or their cat, but after a few stops the woman carefully opened the top of the carrier and she and her husband started cooing at the cat, and petting her, and telling her how good she was.
The girl peered into the box.
"It's okay," the woman said, "you can pat her if you want."
The girl was a little shy, but she reached in and patted the cat. She smiled.
"What's her name?" asked the girl.
The husband had a surprisingly booming voice. "It's Nellie Bly," he said. "Look her up when you get home! She was a young woman like yourself who was a social justice worker and who was adventuresome! Look her up!"
The couple chatted to the girl about the cat, both the real Nellie Bly and her namesake, how the cat only had three legs but she got along just fine.
It was really very sweet to watch the three of them interacting.
The girl got out near the shopping center.
The woman said to her husband, "she was really nice, wasn't she? I wonder where she's going."

Later, I got on the 38 Geary to head down to the Great American Music Hall. The bus was crowded. I managed to get a seat near the front.
Across from me there were a few USF students: two were Spanish, one Portuguese and the fourth was Brazilian. They talked in a combination of Spanish, Portuguese and English.
At one point, the Brazilian girl asked when they were going to get off.
This prompted her Portuguese friend to ask the rest of them, in English, if they understood what it meant in English to 'get off'.
A couple of people standing nearby started to smile.
So did I.

As seen on and from the 10 Townsend last night:
Ramon, who didn't see me, checking his reflection in a store window.
BT, who got on the bus at his usual stop, smiled, said 'hey' and walked back to the back of the bus.
A man carrying a huge canvas, maybe 48x42 or bigger, with a gigantic painting of a Converse One Star shoe on it.
It was windy and there was a fair amount of struggle involved.

I got a copy of the Etgar Keret book I mentioned last week. I haven't read it yet, though.


Blogger Brittney said...

I love this blog. The simple stories always make me smile.

5:02 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Thanks for the kind words!

8:37 PM  

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