Monday, October 06, 2008

Bus Report #373

And now for a dispatch from one of our far-flung-public-transit-riding-correspondents.
This just in from Lindita in DC. She wants me to tell you this is on the Orange line train from Virginia to DC. Just a random smattering of her observations about her fellow commuters. Also, she just had a birthday, so Happy Birthday to You, Lindita!

Lindita's Observations:

1) Guy who over-products or never washes his hair. He has this longish bowl hair cut. Which he holds back with a elastic headband. But did I mention how greasy it looks? He's Asian and wears worn khakis and a bright polo shirt.

2) Guy who works in the Congressional Affairs office. We ride the metro together, we ride the elevator up, we don't talk. He's a twenty-something guy who works in that whole Schmoozy field . . . Ah--I am so glad I don't talk to twenty-something guys.

3) Blind lady with black lab. Her dog dotes on her. And when they're stopped on the metro, she always pets him and he's so happy. *sigh*

4) Pushy Biggie. I am not a sizist. But there's this ONE lady who is larger who likes to push and schmoosh - when the train is packed - from one end to the other. I don't understand is why she doesn't stand farther back on the platform and get to the place she needs to be?

Thanks, Lindita, keep us posted on what happens on the Orange line...


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