Friday, October 10, 2008

Bus Report #374

Average week on MUNI, not much to report.
Monday night was the Stars show at the Fillmore.
On the way down on the 38, I ran in to R., who I haven't seen in years. We chatted for a couple of minutes. He's doing great and looking good, still as friendly and genuine as ever.
After the show (which was excellent), J. and I managed to catch a 38 back up to the neighborhood.
I love when MUNI is easy, and nothing was easier than taking MUNI to the show on Monday.

The rest of this week has been uneventful.
The usual cast of characters on the bus each day:
Catfish face man
Recovering addict
Neck tattoo woman
Guy who gets off at Turk
Woman who can't be any older than 30 with her 4 kids, who are between 6 and 15 years old
Pushy postal workers (shouldn't they be WALKING their routes?)
Cor-o-van guys
And yours truly.

This morning I was waiting to cross Vermont and there was an empty Guinness bottle lying in the gutter. On the other side of the street, in the opposite gutter, there was another Guinness bottle. I appreciated the symmetry.


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