Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bus Report #386

A cold morning on MUNI.
I was all bundled up, and noticed that most of the regulars were, too.
Whitney had a trench coat, scarf and jaunty-looking beret.
Rudy had a jacket over his scrubs, a hat, a scarf, and gloves.
One of the Cor-O-Van guys had two sweaters on, and Thinsulate gloves.
The intense girl who always gets out at Treat had a black scarf to match her usual uniform of black dress, black shoes and black jacket.
I noticed that Katz Bagels on 16th is now Pizza 16. That's too bad.

Had dinner with H. last night. He had never seen an electric bus before. There was a 1 California stopped at 6th and California, something obviously wrong with it. Another bus came up, fast, behind it. It braked, hard. We watched. I explained how the electric buses worked, and H. got to see first hand how they pull down the poles to let the other bus pass the broken one.
He was impressed.
I was just cold.


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