Monday, December 22, 2008

Bus Report #391

Three Santas (as seen on MUNI):

Marginally housed, potentially crazy or high on something Santa - Got on my 22 the other day at Fillmore and Turk. Big, floppy Santa hat, dingy jeans and a greasy-looking overcoat. He flopped down in a seat towards the front and spent the rest of his ride (to 16th and Mission) mumbling to himself.

Jolly Santa - A woman got on my 22 this morning at Eddy. She had a fuzzy red Santa hat on. She rides the bus most mornings, a friendly-looking woman who must be in her 50s or 60s. Today, she was smiling and her cheeks looked rosy and a little shiny. She was loaded down with tote bags, and sat down behind me somewhere.

UPS Santa (the best kind?) - As the bus passed the UPS hub, I saw out the window a pair of UPS drivers walking down 16th to get to work. One of them, a tall, skinny guy dressed in UPS brown, had on a Santa hat. He must have stuffed it with something, because it stood straight up.


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