Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bus Report #387

Yesterday I caught a 22 Fillmore from the 16th and Harrison Street stop. It was crowded but eventually I got my own forward-facing seat, so I was happy.
A burly kid in a T-shirt and a new baseball cap sat next to me. He gave me a nod of acknowledgement and settled in for the rest of the ride. He took up most of our seat and I wasn't too happy about that.
At McAllister he saw a friend out the window and nodded to him, and held up his hand in a sideways 'peace' gesture. Or whatever it meant.
At the stop near Yoshi's he leaned over me and pulled the signaler, then said something to me that I couldn't understand, then he left. Nice kid, polite, but I still have no idea what he said to me.
I ran to catch the Geary bus and ended up sitting near the front.
The woman across from me kept giving me weird looks, so I gave them back to her.
Next to me, three women in a row were playing with their ipods/iphones/blackberries. It was weird.
A mom and her little girl got on at Arguello. The little girl was teeny and had a huge violin case on her back. I thought she might tip over. She didn't.

This morning I waited for the 22 Fillmore with Rudy and with a guy who looks like the Walrus from Alice In Wonderland. It was dark but there were white Christmas lights strung up in the trees and in the bus shelter. It was pretty. The lights continued down Fillmore.
I noticed a hand painted 'Seasons Greetings' sign on a store near Turk. I liked it's simplicity and old-fashioned look.


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