Monday, January 05, 2009

Bus Report #395

Everyone is back from vacation.
My bus this morning was full of regulars:
The Catfish Face Man
The Neck Tattoo Lady
The Earplug Guy
All the rude postal workers
All the kids from Mission, Everett, ISA and other schools along our route.
No problems getting to or from work. I made sure to NOT take the 10 downtown after work. No need to have a repeat of last Monday.

On the ride home, I noticed that a lot of us were reading. I was rereading Bone by Fae Myenne Ng (an excellent book about San Francisco, newly re-released in conjunction with the publication of her new book, go get it now!).
The intense woman who gets on and off at Treat was still reading Middlesex.
Someone next to me (who reeked of cigarettes and the perfume she wore to mask them) was reading a cheesy sci fi book from the 70s (you know the type... you can find them in the Green Apple bargain bins).
In front of us, another passenger looked like they were studying out of a heavy textbook.
I caught a glimpse of someone else reading the new David Sedaris.
Literary bunch, I thought. A bit out of character for the 22, but nice.


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