Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bus Report #397

MUNI-ical Chairs - Or - How people are weird on MUNI

I've always had terrible, terrible luck picking short, quick lines at the store. It's a huge problem sometimes, and mind-boggling that after so much time I still have such a bad nose for line-choosing.
BUT, I have great MUNI seat choosing luck.
I can always spot the double seat where the person in the window seat is about to get up, so I can slide in. I can always work my way to the back of a crowded 38 and get a seat, not a problem. It's very rare that I will change seats during my commute. I think the only things that get me out of my seat are giving it up to someone elderly, handicapped or with kids, or if my seat mate is scratching themself, playing with their hair or nail clipping.
Tonight, my 22 was a MUNI-ical chairs game extraordinaire.
People in rear-facing seats moved to front-facing seats.
People in front-facing seats moved across the aisle to different front-facing seats.
People in the front of the bus took seats in the back.
People in double seats moved to single seats.
One guy moved three times (back of the bus to front-facing, front-facing to front of the bus, front of the bus to single seat.)
Mayhem, I tell you.

On my way to work this morning, I saw one of my favorite AM 22 drivers, going in the opposite direction. I waved at him and he waved back. Nice man.


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