Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bus Report #398

Random thoughts from this morning's commute...

Lots of regulars on the bus...
Earplug guy
Annoying day laborer guy and his equally loud and annoying friends
Serious sewing lady
Elderly gentleman with briefcase
Frog lady
Mean woman who works at Arch (she sat next to me, but was not mean, for once)

A girl had a bag with her astrological sign printed on it. Over and over, so it read: Cancer Cancer Cancer Cancer Cancer Cancer Cancer. It made me feel weird.

I like when two buses pass each other going in opposite directions, and the people on my bus stare at the people on the other bus, who in turn stare at us.

Should I really be able to listen to two and a half episodes of Marketplace during my morning commute? I don't think so. At 30 minutes an episode, that's a long morning.

At Peet's, everyone had fresh haircuts and hairstyles, and even though there were a lot of us waiting around, it was still just as friendly and neighborly as ever.

Stopped at the garage to chat with George. His day doesn't start until 7:30 but he confessed he gets to work at 6:30 so he can have some George-only time. I told him, I do the same thing. Except I'm not named George.

Gorgeous leaves on the ground as I walked up the hill... Some really striking deep red almost brown colors... I wanted to take them all with me but it wasn't practical.


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