Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bus Report #430

This morning the Ogler was in fine Ogler form (by which I mean I was both creeped out and disgusted by him).
First, on the 38, he focused his attentions on an older woman wearing a knit cap, who had arranged a set of floral-patterned luggage around her seat.
Now, benefit of the doubt, he knew her and they are great friends, but I really don't think so. He got on, and after a few minutes he got up from his seat and went to stand in front of her. He bent down and started talking to her in her ear. He did this several times, before the bus stopped and we both got out.
He walked up the street and did not get on my 22 until Turk.
He got in and sat next to a middle-aged woman, and talked her ear off for a few minutes.
A teenage girl got on at Hayes. She had freshly curled hair and bright pink lip gloss. He transferred his unnerving stare to her. I think she felt uncomfortable, because she turned away from him and concentrated her eyes on the side of the bus. He stood up and came over to stand near her. She kept ignoring him.
He got out at his stop, and I felt relieved. He really ups the 'ick' factor for me, because nothing he does is overt and outwardly gross. Some of the ladies do seem to know him, but only in passing. They are polite with him because they are polite people. I wonder how many people notice his inappropriate behavior besides me. Well, me, and his victims.

The man with the dirty lavender faux-suede hat sat in front of me two mornings in a row.
The hippie teacher was wearing gloves this morning, and read Bleak House.

There's a new BBQ place in the Fillmore across from the golden arches... It's called Dibb's BBQ and it looked busy last night.


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