Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bus Report #444

Not much going on in my Muni world for the past few days. I've listened to a lot of This American Life and Radio Lab while shuttling back and forth, back and forth between work and home.
One day I dug out my old Walkman so I could listen to an old cassette. The Walkman doesn't work that well anymore (shock! Horror!) and I had to hold it tightly and at a weird angle to get it to work.

Yesterday afternoon I just barely caught the 10 Townsend, and then when we got to Market, just barely caught the 38.
There was a girl that got on at Divisadero, still in her gym clothes, knee high gym socks, a huge duffel bag slung over her shoulder. She sat down a few seats in front of me, and with no self-consciousness at all she put on deodorant in front of a bus full of people. Maybe that was the point, I don't know, but anyone who wanted to could have gotten a good look at her entire upper body. Interesting.

Saw two funny T-shirts:
One man had a brown T-shirt printed with all uppercase white lettering: I WISH I COULD QUIT YOU
The other man's shirt said, in hard to read beige text on a brown shirt: I Draw Cartoons All Day
I saw them within maybe 20 minutes of each other.

The Moulin restaurant at Geary near Larkin has a new bright yellow and bright green paint job. I like it.

Last Tuesday I went to a neighborhood meeting to discuss the 2 Clement and its new route (starting in the fall).
The meeting was informative, even though I had to ignore the actually crazy woman who decided to sit next to me. The people from MTA were patient with our questions and even told us of some Muni improvements we should start seeing in the fall, such as extended 38L service. more 44 O'Shaughnessy buses and improved and more realistic timing for buses in our neighborhood.
The 2 Clement currently goes up to 33 Ave. but will now end and begin its route at 14th (or else it will end at 12th, not certain). The big issue for the neighborhood is where the bus will be idling and turning.
Muni, in all its wisdom, has chosen to idle the bus on either Funston or 14th Ave., both streets that are lined on one side with homes and religious institutions and the other side lined with the Park Presidio mall (I actually don't know what the strip of greenery is called, and I wouldn't call it pedestrian, since I'd never walk in it, so mall will have to do for now).
Most people at the meeting favored idling the bus on Funston, myself included. I do feel a little weird about it, though, since there were no Funston residents in attendance, but they will have a chance to appeal at a public meeting in September. For now, it seems as though the Funston option was more popular, and I do think the MTA people will take our suggestions into account.

Other wacky suggestions included:
Axing the line altogether (an idea which has already been debated by MTA and shot down).
Idling the buses on Park Presidio (bad idea, nowhere for them to safely idle).
Idling them on Geary (same issue as above).
Idling them on 15th (which would make people on Funston and on 14th happy, but not so awesome for people on 15th!).


Anonymous mookie said...

i think every single community meeting about any subject dear to the community will ALWAYS bring out at least one certifiably crazy crankenstein. Whether it's Park & Rec, planning committee(s) , BART or Muni, the insane insist on their right to attend and speak(and often ruin the meetings).

12:09 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I must have a sticker on my head that says "crazy people! There's a free seat right here next to me!"
Yeah, she was crazy but she was also a neighbor, so tough call there. Kudos to MTA staff for indulging her questions... Sigh.

12:50 PM  

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