Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bus Report #484

Thursday dose of extreme Muni-related cuteness.
This comes from my friend and neighbor Rebecca, mama to the adorable and effervescent nursery-school-aged Tom.

She reports this conversation with Tom, regarding slow-moving Muni cars on the N-Judah line the other day, in the rain.

Tom: Mommia?
Rebecca: Yep?
Tom: why they call it moody trains? is it sad? (ed: the train, that is)
Rebecca: (thinking) Hmmm... Rachel will love that.

Moody trains! I do love that! And yes, sometimes they are QUITE moody, aren't they?


Anonymous Rebecca said...

my retort was ALMOST "well if you were muni you would be sad too." Instead it was "well it's raining Tom! It's cold" or something like that.

3:34 PM  

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