Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bus Report #485

Not much to report Muni wise this week, just some bits and pieces...

Monday: Lazily took the 33 to the 5 after work to take a fun sewing class at Workshop. Then, took the 5 to Arguello and walked out to Geary to catch a 38. The 38 pulled up the minute I got to the stop, prompting a guy standing in the bus shelter to say, "Wow, you have good bus luck."

Tuesday: Crowded 22 during my morning commute. At one point, my seatmate got up and I asked a woman standing nearby if she wanted to sit. She smiled and shook her head. "I'm too young," she said, and continued to stand.

In the afternoon I took a relatively uncrowded 10 Townsend downtown.
A woman in the back of the bus spent her ride yelling at her little daughter, who couldn't have been over 4 years old.
In the first seat in the front of the bus, a slobby guy complained very loudly into his cell phone about some charges he didn't think he needed to pay (why do people do personal business on the bus? Why?) He wore a T-shirt that said something like, "It's okay that I'm [something I couldn't see from my seat] because I'm the BIG DUDE." Yeah.
At Caltrain, the woman who had been yelling at her kid started screaming at the slobby guy. "I wanna get out here, so I can go to Safeway then get back on the bus. Cause I gotta get home, that's why!"
She shoved her little girl towards the door. "If you don't get out of this damn bus I will slam you," she said.
The slobby guy got out through the front door and joined his dysfunctional family, and the three of them crossed the street to Safeway. Poor kid, I thought. I hope she turns out better than they did.

This morning: I got down to Fillmore just in time to run for the 22 but have the driver shake his head and point to the next stop. Yeah, that wasn't going to happen, though the rude construction worker guys did run for it. Good riddance.
I waited, and waited, and waited some more. Finally, a 22 pulled up and I got on. Carmen was sitting in our usual seat, a friendly face on an annoying commute morning. We caught up, which was nice, and I still managed to get to work on time despite missing the bus.


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