Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bus Report #488

This morning was just like yesterday morning. I waited at the bus stop with the same worried-looking girl, got on the same 38 with the same driver, sat next to the same elderly man with his big backpack and his slouchy cap.
I jumped out at Geary and Fillmore and crossed the street to the 22 stop. The curbs were both completely ripped up and surrounded with construction blocks. I stepped around them and waited for the bus.
I was joined by the creepiest of the rude construction worker guys and a woman who I didn't recognize. She kept going over to the construction blocks and peered over them to see what was going on. Strange.
The bus came and I got on. Said 'hi' to the man with the blue track jacket and glasses who is always friendly. Nodded to the woman who has the same hot cup from an Austin cafe that I have at work.
My seat mate got up and out at Mission Street. I slid over into the window seat to make room for someone new to sit down.
Too bad for me, because I ended up with a very, very stinky woman next to me. She looked like she might have been in her forties but life had not been good to her, and she looked more like she was in her sixties. She used a cane, wore a stained jacket, and smelled of years worth of old cigarettes. That almost nutty smell.
When we got closer to my stop, I told her I needed to get out, figuring it would take forever for her to move so I could get out. I was right.
She slowly slowly turned a little, but not really enough for me to get past her without bumping in to her. I managed to squeeze by her, but ended up stepping on her feet in the process. The man sitting across from us smiled at me. (Perhaps because my ass was almost in his face while I tripped over the woman's feet, finally catching my footing just before the bus pulled in to the stop.)
I pushed my way through the door and walked down 16th, taking deep breaths of cool air, the stinky woman on her way to being forgotten.


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