Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bus Report #489

Last night I took the 22 down to Geary. It wasn't a very crowded bus and I managed to get a window seat next to a woman who spent the rest of the ride reading. I couldn't see what her book was, but she was very engrossed in it.
At Mission Street, our more or less speedy commute ceased and we entered the realm of the crawling in fits and starts commute.
A wheelchair passenger got on but no one in the front of the bus made a move to help her.
A man with a walker got on and the driver had to ask someone to stand up so he could sit down.
Half a dozen people rushed the back door, and then wouldn't step up off the stairs so the doors could close.
We slowly made our way down 16th Street. The bus started to empty out a bit at Church, only to fill up again at Duboce.
A boy with an amazing hairstyle got on and stood in front of my seat. He had the sides of his head shaved, Mohawk style, and had the Golden Gate Bridge and the Transamerica Pyramid etched into the left side of his head. Wow. I wondered if it would be weird to say, "Great haircut" to him, so I just sat there and kept my mouth shut.
I got out at Geary and skipped across the street to the bus stop. The 38L was crowded, too, but I made my way to the back of the bus and got a seat next to another woman reading a book. This time, the book was in Russian.
A twenty something couple stood nearby, the girl telling the guy about her day, how she took the kids she sits for to the park. They got out at Presidio.
A few stops later, a woman stood up too quickly and immediately started to fall, into the arms of a very startled looking teenage girl. The woman apologized a few times, the girl nodded her head, and when the woman got out, the girl rolled her eyes at her friend.


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