Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bus Report #497

I spent a few hours on Saturday wandering down on Polk Street, enjoying a tea at Leland Tea Company, checking out the sales at the store that used to be Bargain Bank. I decided I'd take the 1 California back up to my neighborhood and was able to catch one within a few minutes of getting to the bus stop.
I got a seat next to a well-dressed woman who spent the whole ride staring out the window.
At Fillmore and California, a woman with a walker got on. This wouldn't normally be newsworthy, but as she got on the bus she looked at the two (equally elderly and disabled) ladies sitting in the two front seats and asked them to move. Neither of them was very mobile so neither of them moved, and the woman with the walker galumphed past them both, her walker walking over their feet as she went. She sat down, then waved two dollars at one of the ladies. She wanted the woman to pay her fare for her.
I would have said no, if I was as fragile-looking as the woman was, but she graciously reached for the money and slowly stood up. She tottered towards the fare box and explained to the driver that it was the woman with the walker's money. She got a transfer, sat back down, and passed the transfer to the woman with the walker.
The whole situation just seemed incredibly rude and selfish to me, as the woman with the walker could have paid her fare when she got on.
She got out at 6th Ave., mashing the other ladies' feet, again, as she got out.


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