Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bus Report #493

Not much to report this week, commute wise, so far.
I think we can all agree that Friday's Muni vote, cutting service another 10%, was horrible, but though I am usually a glass-half-empty-type, I'm trying to stay glass-half-full about it, for now.

Friday evening NextBus actually worked for me, and I caught my 33 Stanyan with no problem, and was in the Mission 25 minutes later.

Saturday saw me take a crowded 38 down to Masonic. An elderly woman sat in front of me. She smelled very, very strongly of pine-scented floor cleaner, and I hoped she wasn't using it as a personal hygiene product.

Later, I took a 28 from the Marina back home, and I think I was the only local on the bus. It emptied out at the bridge and we cruised the rest of the way home, and it was great.

This morning I ran through the rain to the bus stop, soaked after only four minutes and one block. The bus was full of people holding their umbrellas and soaked tote bags on the seats next to where they were sitting, as usual on a rainy day, halving the usable seats and just generally getting me riled up.

But there were good moments, too. Seeing Carmen on the 22, catching up with her and actually having some good gossip to share. Listening to a favorite radio show and tearing up halfway through. Braving the elements and climbing the hill, to be rewarded with a warm office and a hot cup of coffee a few minutes later.

And feeling just generally thankful today. Thankful for my family and friends, thankful the earthquake in Chile wasn't as bad as it could have been, I don't know... But I hope I'm not the only one feeling so great today.


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