Monday, April 05, 2010

Bus Report #501

I was on a 22 Fillmore home from work last Thursday. Unlike earlier last week, people were not respecting the elderly and disabled riders. It was actually kind of crazy.
At Bryant, a loud man got on the bus and immediately started yelling for people to move back. a few people did, grudgingly, and a woman in a wheelchair rolled on. The woman was about a hundred years old but was pretty good at driving her chair. Still and all, you can be great at maneuvering your wheelchair and still roll over people's feet.
She accidentally rolled over the toes of one rather angry-looking Eastern European woman, who immediately stood up and started shoving the wheelchair.
"You break my feet!" she yelled at the woman in the chair. "Don't break my feet!"
You should have just MOVED, I thought. And then, don't manhandle this fragile-looking lady. It is not her fault you didn't want to accommodate her. Sigh.
The wheelchair passenger secured her brakes and more people got on, filling the whole front of the bus without even bothering to move back.
There was, as usual, plenty of standing room in the back, but a couple of sewing ladies were standing by the doors blocking the way.
We rode to Mission Street with the bus aisle completely bottle necked.
At Mission, the wheelchair passenger had to get out. Cue the angry passengers, people refusing to move, people shoving in to the back door before people even had a chance to get out.
Yet again, a woman sitting in the front of the bus did not move and the wheelchair almost ran over her legs. The driver yelled at her to move and she cursed him out, shifted her legs an inch and continued to yell.
I don't know what it was, something in the air? It was very strange.

Friday I hopped a 2 Clement to meet some friends downtown.
The bus was pretty empty, just me, a couple of older ladies, a woman with way too much makeup and a middle-aged woman who kept switching seats.

Two college-age guys got on at 6th Ave. and sat in the back. They were talking, not too loudly, and since I had my headphones on I couldn't really make out their conversation.
Suddenly, the middle-aged woman stood up and shrieked, "CUT IT OUT! CUT IT OUT RIGHT NOW! STOP USING THOSE FOUR LETTER WORDS!" and she stormed up to the front of the bus and tried to complain to the driver.
We all stared at her.
A few blocks later, she stood up, stomped to the back door and railed at the boys some more. "IT'S OUR HOLIDAY THIS WEEKEND, HOW DARE YOU TALK LIKE THAT, IT'S A SIN!" she pushed her way out the back door.
As soon as she was gone, the boys started laughing.
I muttered, "freak," and watched her walk off down the street.


Blogger sfmike said...

This is why you should never wear headphones on Muni. Salient details, such as how dirty were the college-age guys actually talking, are crucial. Though not really. The crazy lady screaming about her holiday, which I am presuming is Easter, is mysteriously enough.

9:36 PM  

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