Saturday, November 19, 2016

Bus Report #947

I took the 2 Clement home this afternoon from downtown.
Even though I caught it at the last/first stop, there was still a bicycle attached to the front - forgotten, I suppose.

Hours later I was on the same 2 Clement heading back downtown to meet up with friends.
Same silent driver, same bicycle just waiting for its owner to come get it.

A man got on at 6th Ave. and went straight to the back of the bus with his armfuls of stuff.
He spent the rest of his ride throwing books all over the back of the bus, across all of the unoccupied seats. He also opened all of the windows, and then closed some of them only to reopen moments later.
His twitchy nature was making me feel twitchy, too.

Our driver. What can I say? There was something up with him.
He would not answer the woman who asked to be let out near Steiner with her granddaughter.
He would not even acknowledge that the bus stopped there. Luckily, an elderly couple sitting at the front of the bus gave her directions.

At Laguna the 2 Clement turns and runs on Post Street instead of Sutter - or at least, it is supposed to.
Our driver shot through the intersection at Laguna and kept going.

"Hey, man," I said, but then realized the futility of it all. He was not paying attention to anyone.
He drove two blocks down Sutter, much to everyone's confusion.
Then he turned onto (I think, it was dark) Gough and then flipped back to Post.

By the time we got to my stop he had completely disengaged from his passengers. He did not look at anyone or acknowledge us in the least.

I stepped out into the rain (and how much do we love the rain, drought-stricken as we are) and headed up the hill to the bar, where a smoky scotch awaited me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

he sounds like a bit of a weirdo - much unlike most of the other drivers who all seem to be great.

hope you enjoyed your scotch!

3:51 PM  
Blogger Lydia Sugarman said...

Why do you assume the bike is abandoned? It could very well belong to the bus driver who uses it to get to-from work and doesn't want to take a chance it could be stolen while he's working.

6:14 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Good point, Lydia. I had not considered that.

Yes, Solo, you bet I enjoyed my scotch!

7:31 PM  

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