Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bus Report #950

Last night I caught the 22 after work, on my way to meet up with some friends.
The back of the bus was disgusting - it looked as though a bunch of 12 year olds had held a crazy party. The floor was littered with squished chocolate candies, Sour Patch Kid candy with accompanying sweet and sour dust, huge chunks of beef jerky, mashed Junior Mints and those little white popper things that kids get- the ones that come in the tiny cardboard boxes (there were those on the floor, too) that you can throw to make a tiny explosion.
Most of the seats were covered in candy and beef jerky, too.
Everyone looked around and shook their heads. People tried to avoid stepping on the mess but as the bus filled up, it became impossible.
I think I probably still have some of the candy gunk on the bottom of my shoes.

This morning, Clement Street smelled like bacon and the sugary, buttery, bready smells from all our neighborhood bakeries.

I ran in to the shtetl scholar and we chatted a moment, and finally introduced ourselves. He has a name now, so from now on, if we remember, let's call him C. for short.

Later, our friendly driver (the one who looks like Jason), told me his weekend had been less than relaxing. He'd spent it Christmas shopping. I told him I hope he can get some rest on his next days off.

In Potrero I ran in to Jeff, who has a woodshop somewhere on 17th Street. We used to always chat at Peet's but since I rarely go there anymore, now we tend to meet in the middle of 16th Street, or the corner of Potrero, for a quick hug and a catch up.

The walk to work the rest of the way was quiet. Quiet and a little rainy, the only sound my shoes squishing against the wet pavement.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is it with people that blatantly leave rubbish around - i just don't get it.

4:46 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

For real!
Also, since the last/first stop aren't far from where I get on, I wonder why the driver didn't clean it up or call it in when he did his walk around (usually the drivers do a quick sweep of their coaches between runs).

8:10 PM  

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