Thursday, September 12, 2019

Bus Report #1041

Yesterday I caught the 33 with the Frenchman.
He said, "You were right, I think they changed the schedule."
"Yep, it's annoying," I replied as we got on the bus.
"I don't need to be at work at 7," he said.
"Me either, have a great day!" and we sat down and settled in for our commutes. It wasn't 7 when I got to work, luckily, but it was still early.

After work I ran errands before meeting up with some friends at Oasis Cafe on Divisadero. I caught the 24 on Castro and sat in the back, headphones on, sunglasses on.
A woman stomped onto the bus and sat behind me. I heard her say something loudly, couldn't figure out what it was. I took off my headphones and said, "I'm sorry, what's that?"
I told her and put my headphones back on.
She proceeded to loudly talk at everyone else, gesticulating wildly, and yelled at the driver a few times. Everyone sat silently. Looked away from her. Aggressively looked away from her, if that's a thing.

I got out at Hayes and went to Rare Device, then walked the rest of the way to Oasis.

This morning the sky was a beautiful peach-orange-pink-grey-blue, an Ed Ruscha Los Angeles sky. I know what that means, we're in a heat wave.

No one at the bus stop when I arrived, but just before the bus turned the corner, Olga toddled up on her cane. We greeted each other in English and then I said good morning in my bad Russian.

We smiled and giggled at each other and I pointed to the bus. "You're right on time!"

I got out at my usual stop, said hi to the guys at the garage.

Got to work before the heat started.

Stay cool today, folks!


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