Thursday, January 06, 2005

2004 MUNI Awards

In the spirit of best of lists, or top ten lists, I thought we could use a 2004 MUNI Awards program.

Here are the winners

Sweetest seatmate: Carmen. I love our chats and wish we caught each other more often.

Most unnerving fellow commuter: The twisty hair raccoon eyes girl. We always have the same colors on, always have a bag and a lunch sack, and are both always listening to music. It's almost like having an evil twin, only I doubt she's evil. Just oddly similar to me in some ways.

Most efficient driver: that guy who runs lights and skips stops, mostly on evening runs.

Friendliest driver: the (in) famous bus driver. Friendly to J., Carmen and me, at least.

Most maligned driver: the (in) famous bus driver. People think they can ride for free, and get mad when he asks for their fare or puts them off the bus. Honestly.

Most understanding driver: the guy with the shaved head who, when I have my hands full, does not ask me for my pass.

Saddest person: Poor Mary. She looks sadder and sadder everytime I see her. Even off the bus, she looks so sad.

Hottest man: well, it's a tie. And, because I am who I am, it was hard to even winnow it down to two people. But here it is: British-looking guy wins for his British-devil-may-care look and red red hair, and Rocking-out-on-his-headphones-guy wins for his easy smile and friendly eyes.

Most surprising new bus friend: J.

Best MUNI stop: Hands down, the 33 Stanyan stop where the bus does the U turn from Clayton to Market and you can see the whole damn city. Also, the U turn always scares people and it's fun to watch.

Worst seatmate: Any Mission High School student.

Best newly discovered bus ride: the 28 Fisherman's Wharf. Lovely views of the bridge and Crissy Field.

Most annoying clones headed to a rock show at The Fillmore: the 80's glam girls on the 22 last week. They were loud, hideous looking, wouldn't move to the rear of the bus and were clueless.
Second place goes to the kids who were standing RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from The Fillmore and still had to ask a guy where it was.

Most well behaved children from large families: a tie! the 3 brothers and their Mom, and the three brothers and one sister and their Mom! Second place goes to the most beautiful little girls in the world, their new baby brother and their Mom.

Funniest Musical Moment: Riding in the back of the 24 with the Professor, Mikey and Grace, the three of them singing Journey songs and the responses we got from the other riders.


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