Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A New Year

Well, It's 2005. So far, nothing has changed.
The bus is still slow, the people are still pushy, and the weather is still gross.
I tried to convince C. and The Professor that it was 'spitting' outside this weekend, but really it was pouring. POURING. As in, when we got home from the Mission on Friday, we had to hang all our clothes on the drying rack over night, and even then I was wearing a wet jacket on Saturday.
It was nice to have C. and The Professor as my New Year's guests. We did as much wandering about as we could as the storm pounded us, and then we retreated to the apartment to eat a ton of food and watch Napoleon Dynamite. My second time, The Professor's 10th or so time. Damn funny movie.

We got to see the Teacher's Pet on Saturday AND Sunday, with her hip new haircut.
We also browsed Amoeba (there's a whole room for videos and DVDs now, it's crazy!), mean old Modern Times in the Mission, Paxton Gate, the professor's favorite store ever.

The busses were still pretty empty and while we had to wait for them in the rain they came pretty quickly.

I didn't see any of my busmates until this morning.
I sat with J. and we talked about our holidays, then wished we could be going out for breakfast instead of to work.


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