Thursday, January 13, 2005

Bus Report #36

Well, after the crazy commute the other day, yesterday's was a breeze. Saw J. on the 22 in the morning, and we chatted a little. It was my favorite driver, too (yes, the (in) famous driver.)

On the return trip, I had a choice of sitting next to a very smelly and creepy homeless guy or a slightly less smelly guy with a bouquet of daisies. I chose the guy with the daisies.

I zoned out once we got going and did not notice that Rocking-out-on-his-headphones-guy was standing right in front of me.
So I tugged on his back pack and said "Hi."
He took off his headphones and smiled, asked me how my day was. He has a slight twang to his voice but I couldn't tell if it was Southern or Californian.
And since my day had been pretty good (mostly spent on a translation, which is one of my ideal things to do and get paid for) I said it had been good.
He said his day had been long.
I asked what his name was and we shook and he told me his name. So we will now call him Ben.
He works relatively nearby to where I do.
Then we were at his stop and he said, "I bet I'll see you later."
And I said, "I have a feeling you might be right."


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