Friday, January 14, 2005

Bus Report #37

While waiting for the 38 this morning, still swollen-eyed-wet-haired-stunned-awake-and-cold, someone standing behind me at the bus stop said, "Hi,"
I turned around and it was this girl I see all the time, who usually rides the 22 from Potrero Hill with me. I turned off my walkman and asked her what she was doing in the Richmond.
She gestured toward the corner and said, "that's my block."
I grinned and gestured in the opposite direction, same street, and said, "that's my block."
It was funny, two people who live on the same street in the Richmond (different sides of Geary, but so what?) and work on two different sides of the street all the way across town in Potrero Hill.
We chatted a little bit, then when it became apparent that the bus was not coming, she hopped into a cab.

The bus arrived 10 minutes later.


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