Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Bus Report #39

Crowded 22 last night. I sat in the rear of the bus, next to a guy who wouldn't move his legs, so I really had to squish.
The kid sitting behind me was talking quite loudly on his cell, to a girlfriend. Apparently the girlfriend was "witholding certain things" from him and he thought it merited some "more conversating." He went on to say that he "wasn't tripping over it because when it finally happens it'll be real good."
It was funny to listen to. Wondered what the girlfriend would think if she knew the whole back of the 22 now knew more than we ever wanted to about her relationship.
Ben was standing in the front of the bus but before I could say hi or anything, we got to Mission which was my stop. I was meeting cousin D. for dinner.
We met up at Abandoned Planet Books and went around to Herbivore for dinner since he's a vegan. We had a great meal and caught up on the past year or so since we last saw each other.
D. will go far in this world, I can tell.
My second 22 of the night, a few hours later, was full of drunks and extremely creepy people who most likely were my old Oak Street neighbors.
And regular people, too.
Guy sitting next to me reading religious themed Spanish newspaper.
Trannys with five o'clock shadow and hair that could use a comb.
Sleepy kids.


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