Monday, January 17, 2005

Sunday Bus Report

On my way to M. and M.'s house for a lovely brunch yesterday, I ended up on a pleasantly empty 22. It was the friendly shaved-head driver and as we were nearing Farley's, he looked back into the bus. At this point I was the only rider. I said, "It's just me!"
and he said, "You working today?"
"No way," I said. "Just going to my friend's house."
"Ah," he said. "For a moment there I was confused, thought it was Monday."

It was funny. I got off the bus and grabbed a coffee at Farley's (for anyone wondering, yes, I am still only drinking decaf coffee) then climbed up the hill to M. and M.'s. They set out a lovely brunch for me and The Teacher's Pet, which was lingered over for hours.

Later on, when I got home, I was seized with some ideas and wrote for several hours.
Anyone know where I can see a photo of the inside of the Middle East Nightclub in Central Square (Cambridge, MA)? The story is set there and I don't remember what the basement looks like.


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