Monday, January 24, 2005

Bus Report #40

The big 40. Whoa!

The bus report would like to thank all it's loyal readers, as well as all the MUNI drivers and passengers who make the daily commute so damn memorable.

now, down to business.

the other day, while waiting for the 22 to take me to the Mission for my ride to the Sierras, I saw a woman suddenly jump up from her seat on the bench in the bus shelter and madly start patting down a man standing nearby. of course, everyone watched to see what was going on.
she said, "I saw you have my wallet! give me my wallet!"
the man was silent, but a moment later I noticed him drop something and cover it with his foot. then he kicked it under the bench. it was her wallet.
so I yelled out, "he kicked it under the bench!"
She scrambled for the wallet and he started ambling away, unruffled.
It was disgusting that no one else bothered to help, or flag down a cop or anything.
The woman came up to me and thanked me, and I told her she was more than welcome.
Then the bus came and off we went.
Now I'm on the lookout for that pickpocket.

This morning there was a problem with the electric lines that the 22 runs on. instead of running the diesel busses for a couple hours, they ran the electric ones anyway, which resulted in late, crowded and mislabeled busses. I got on one that promised a last stop at Kansas and 17th, when really it stopped at 16th and Valencia. with no other busses in sight, we were urged to walk to Mission and take a 33.

Instead, a herd of us chose to walk.

I walked from Valencia to Bryant and caught the second of 2 packed back to back busses. The driver was the shaved head driver so I did not have to show my pass.
So, half the herd took the lead bus and the rest of us the second. Four stops later, the lead bus kicked everyone off and they got on our bus.
Which means some people on the route had at least 3 22 Fillmore busses this morning.
All told, a 30 minute commute from Geary took us 45, with the fastest leg of the trip being the power walk we had.
At least I got to walk past the "Lillypadhouse, will you marry me?" sign.


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