Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Bus Report #41

Two day's worth of bus observations for you.

The bus smelled horribly of fish last night, the whole route, even after I got off the bus, the neighborhood smelled like fish. Yuck.
Other gross things:
-Two girls, with a baby carriage covered in plastic, baby inside. Mutt dog perched on the top of the carriage and another mutt in a sling bag across the other girl's chest. The girls kept kissing the dogs and playing with them, and ignored the baby

-Man dry shaving with a blue disposable razor, before getting off for his shift at Kaiser.

-crowded, crowded 22 Fillmore. A woman's hard and squishy at the same time abdomen and belly pressed up against my shoulder and arm.

Fun stuff:
-Fast fast bus driver, shaved head bus driver, nice teen, and our favorite families yesterday and today.

Sad Stuff:
-There's a woman I see on the bus sometimes who I used to see all the time last year, picking up her little boy from day care. A few months ago, I saw her on the bus again, this time with her little boy and her husband. She's wheelchair-bound now. She still picks up her son from daycare, but now her husband comes and helps her get the chair on the bus. The little boy sits in her lap.


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