Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bus Report #255

It's been a pretty boring MUNI week so far, no interesting conversations to over hear, no people to make up stories about.

Things felt more interesting this morning, though.

First off, I was surprised, yet delighted, to see the handsome South Asian chef get on at his usual stop. He didn't see me but I sure saw him. He wasn't dressed in chef wear (maybe he got a new job? Who knows...) and his thick, curly hair floated in a cloud around his head.
He got off at a stop a few before mine, but it was nice to see him anyway.

At Fillmore I waited with the teen girl and a couple other people who were not regulars.
The bus came, and it was our new-ish 22 driver. She's no nonsense and won't let anyone get on through the back. Ever. At Mission she even stands out front the bus and watches to make sure no one gets on in through the back. Then she gets back on and lets everyone board in the front door.
I like her.

QSAM got on, and didn't sit in a spot where he could stare at me. Which was a nice change.

The man who looks familiar from the back got on. After seeing him almost every day in the morning, he is starting to actually be familiar to me... from the front.

We passed by the Pigeon Man of the Mission at 16th and Albion as he fed the pigeons. I was glad to see him. I worry about him when I don't see him for a long time.

I got out the bus at my usual stop and got my coffee. As I passed by the new market, Emiliano came by on his skateboard.
He was wearing a green felt fedora with a speckled feather stuck in the hatband. It was a bold statement, the hat, worn as it was with his light blue flannel and his washed-out jeans.


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