Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bus Report #289

It was wonderfully foggy this morning when I went out to catch the bus. I love the soft light and the way everything looks dreamy and temporary.
The smiley driver picked me up at my stop and our bus sped through the blurry lights, picking up a few passengers at each stop until we got to Fillmore.
Not much going on down on Fillmore this morning. The homeless man who camps out in my bus stop was there, completely shrouded in a gold colored quilt covered in red roses.

The 22 rolled up right on time. It's nice having Carmen back as a regular on this route, because she always saves me a seat.
We chatted and joked around. I pointed out the new (and exciting!) Golden Natural Foods, a few doors down from the excellent Golden Produce.
A while later, after she had gotten out and I got a new seatmate (a boyish woman reading 'The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat', a great book), we stopped at Mission where the sort of mean driver wouldn't allow anyone to exit through the back door yet she would let three extremely creepy, non-paying people get on (Which I'm sorry, is just weird. She usually makes everyone pay. Maybe she has a soft spot for the hard-up.)
Exhibit A: Our friend in the 'bah humbug' chenille hat, her plastic bag stuffed outfit accessorized by a pile of greying white T-Shirts she wore looped onto her arm. Talking to herself and whipping the shirts around.
Exhibit B: Her companion, a smiling, bearded blond guy with no sense of urgency in boarding the bus, who just sat next to her, silent and smiling.
Exhibit C: And last but not least, a tall man in a trench coat, chartreuse sweatshirt with the hood up, and a girl's Easter bonnet on top of the hood. He seemed creepiest of all, with the way he smiled with his mouth open, the slow, deliberate way he went to an empty seat, and the bonnet... which looked completely out of place on the bus in the winter, and which was too small for his head.


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