Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bus Report #291

Not a lot going on lately in my MUNI world.
Spent the rest of last week busing it with Carmen in the morning.
On my return trips, I managed to spy the Alien Donut Man in the donut shop four nights in a row.
I had company in town on the weekend, including the Professor. On Saturday we took the 33 Stanyan from our neighborhood down to the Mission, and later on that night took a 38 down to Edinburgh Castle.
The next day, we took the 38 to Japantown and later that night took a 22 from the Marina back home.
This morning there weren't many people on the bus, I couldn't figure out why because yesterday was the holiday, not today. I managed to get a window seat and spent much of the commute zoning out.
The bus got extremely crowded at Mission Street but for once everyone moved to the back of the bus so the driver didn't have to yell at anyone. When we got to my stop, my seat mate actually stood up to let me out.
It was quite strange, the sudden politeness that had hit the 22 Fillmore.
I won't complain. I'd rather get politeness on the bus over anything else one could contract (MRSA, anyone?).


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