Friday, January 25, 2008

Bus Report #293

It's raining today, in case you hadn't noticed.
Which is why I was waiting inside the bus shelter this morning, trying to stay dry.
A shelter cleaning truck pulled up and a guy got out. He gestured for me to move.
I looked at him and moved a little bit, but stayed in the shelter.
He gestured for me to move out of the shelter all together.
I did, getting rained on in the process, and I watched with confusion as he proceeded to pressure wash the whole bus shelter with water.
Which would make sense if it was dirty, but it wasn't, because IT WAS RAINING.
I looked at a guy standing nearby and he shook his head.
Waste of water if you ask me.

The smiley driver pulled up and I got on.
Another commute filled with wet people, wet umbrellas, open umbrellas, umbrellas with dangerously pointed ends sticking up, you name it.
There was a man wearing a huge plastic garbage bag over his coat, with part of it partially covering his face. This always makes me nervous and a little sick.

At Fillmore I got out and went to wait under the bus shelter's overhang.
It's a huge shelter/stop, plenty of room for everyone, but one of the weird guys who rides the bus most days decided he needed to stand RIGHT NEXT TO ME, do his arm swinging exercises, do his leg stretching exercises and then start smoking right next to me.
I moved away but really HE should have moved away. And have some respect for non-smokers. At least move so your smoke isn't blowing on me.
And while I'm ranting, isn't there a law about smoking in bus shelters? I thought there was one.
If anyone knows, let me know.

The bus came and it was crowded. I got on and sat next to a guy who was sleeping.
At the next stop, someone tapped me on the shoulder from behind.
It was Carmen, she'd been sitting in the back and I hadn't seen her. We moved to a newly-vacated seat and spent the rest of her commute chatting.

At Church Street, the man who looks familiar from the back got on, as did the woman with the inappropriate frilly dresses and the dark glasses.
At Valencia, the creepy dude with the red beard got on. His beard is lumberjack size now.
Once again, the sort of mean driver let a stark raving crazy person on the bus, who had an extremely dangerous-looking pointy umbrella. This crazy person was really twitchy and I found myself watching the umbrella jerk around and near-miss poking several people.
At Shotwell she pushed her way to the back of the bus. As she waited for the door to open, she declared, "I am glad to finally get off this damn bus."
Honey, we were all glad.


Blogger Chicken said...

There is a law against smoking in bus stops. It's on the map thingy I think

11:54 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Yep! Before they had those stickers posted in the bus stops I was always a little afraid to say anything... But now I can just point to the sticker if I'm feeling non-confrontational...

8:53 AM  

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