Monday, February 25, 2008

Bus Report #300

300? Really? Wow.
In honor of the 300th bus report, I'd like to offer a prize for the person who posts the best bus-related tale in my comments section by midnight on Friday.
You will win something, but I don't know what yet.
If you win, I'll send you something, so make sure to put your real email address in your comment.
I'll accept stories from any mode of public transit in any City, State or Country.

This weekend I rode a lot of buses, downtown, back home, to the store, home, etc.
Lots of wet umbrellas on Saturday, Lots of attitude on Sunday.

The teenage girl sitting next to me on the 38 yesterday day got 'hella sick' off of an unknown, yogurt based drink at a Vietnamese restaurant in the Tenderloin. I kind of wish she mentioned the place. Then again, as she conceded to her friend on the phone, it was possible she actually got sick because she 'had just gotten her tat' and had gone straight to the restaurant afterwards.
The funniest part was that she kept whining to her friend how she'd been misspelling her last name in Mandarin in her Chinese class for 'like a hella long time' and how she was going to have to ask her mom to help her.
I took the 2 Clement home after my errands were done.
I had to wait for the bus for 25 minutes, but at least when it came it was mostly empty.

And not related to MUNI at all:
Congrats to the Oscar winners I like:
Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova for best song, from Once, Great job!
Javier Bardem, the scariest serial killer I've seen in the movies in a long time for best supporting actor,
The Coen's and No Country for almost everything,
and My Beautiful Daniel Day-Lewis for best actor, well done!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

during the Big Storm of 08 my sister and I were on the bus and I was struggling to get up the stairs with ricky and the sis (who is blind and deaf). by accident my bag bumped an old polish guy in the seath and he yelled at me "watch~!!!!! you need to look!!" never mind I had a stroller, a three year old and the blind sibling. I apologized and then turned to Iris to sign to her when I heard him say (in polish) "these kids today don't know respect. look at that. probably knocked up without marriage. she has no wedding ring! no man will take her now."

I turned around and said right back to him (in polish) "You should be careful what you say when you assume people don't understand you. after all, this "kid" is 35, a doctor and speaks six languages. and for the record, my husband is dead."

I turned around and started signing to the sister, who when we got off the bus promptly gave the guy the unviersal sign...

ahhh... the 38 geary...


11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have another 38 story!

To end out our junior semester at USF, my two roommates and I decided to go to dinner and celebrate. We got on the 38 bus stop at Ninth and Geary headed inbound.

At the bus stop there was a guy with a dog. Roommate 1 and I, both dog fiends, wanted to pet the dog but decided against it because the dog and the owner were kind of sketchy looking. Sketchy in a "My dog will eat your hand and then I'll kill you" kind of way. Visualize: a pit bull with a spike collar, kind of snarly, and his owner, a scraggly 25-30ish white guy, chain smoking and grunting.

We all got on the bus and homeboy with the dog goes to the very back. We were on the bus for about five minutes and at the Geary and Spruce stop when the bus driver starts yelling, "PUT THE MUZZLE ON THE DOG!" Thirty seconds later the bus driver, this huge black guy, goes storming to the back of the bus with a briefcase. "PUT THE MUZZLE ON THE DOG!"

Homeboy: "What man? I can't hear you, I have my headphones on!"
Bus Driver: You keep the muzzle on the dog, or I throw you off the bus!"

Homeboy gets mad at this point and says the f-word, resulting in the bus driver throwing him off the bus. "OK, that's IT! You used profanity, GET OFF THE BUS!" More cursing from homeboy who finally gets off the bus telling the driver, "I'll see you outside!" Bus driver responds, "Son, you don't want to see me outside!" Meanwhile, bus driver makes it back up to the front, apologizing to everyone on the bus. At this point, this weird guy across from us is doing a play-by-play of the bus events--"It appears as if the muzzle IS NOT on the dog!, The man with dog has now been THROWN OFF THE BUS!, It's ok bus driver, thanks for doing your job."

Bus driver is now at the front and homeboy yells something, inaudible to us, at him from outside the bus, provoking the bus driver to yell, "I think you have me confused with YOUR MOTHER!" Homeboy, defending mom's honor goes, "I'm gonna kill YOU!" Bus driver trumps him saying, "I'll kill YOU AND YOUR DOG!" Bad move. Homeboy takes his skateboard, chucks it at the front door and breaks the glass. The bus driver gets on the P.A. system and is like, "Sorry folks, everyone needs to get off the bus. I need to wait for a supervisor." Captain Obvious continues narrating the whole situation saying, "Does everyone understand? There's been some trouble on the bus and we all need to get off." By this point, the three of us were in hysterics.

Another guy across from us justified it saying, "Well, he did say that he'd kill him AND his dog."

Congrats on surviving so many Muni rides!

9:10 PM  

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