Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bus Report #294

This morning I got on the 22 and Carmen had saved me a seat, per usual.
Our commute was standard until the bus got to Fillmore and Fell.
All of a sudden, the sort of mean driver got on the crackly PA system and said that there was an accident in front of us and she didn't know how long we'd be waiting there. We could get out and walk or we could wait, it was up to us.
Carmen and I decided to wait a while. It was still early for us, and we didn't mind.
Time passed.
People got off the bus, others got on.
Finally we decided we should walk. I called back to the sort of mean driver, "Good luck!"
It was nice out, bright, crisp, just a little rain spitting down on us.
We followed the route of the bus, funnily enough, even though it might have been more direct for us not to.
At Waller Street we saw a man who takes our bus most days. We warned him he might be waiting a while.
At Duboce, the mom and her now-first grader were waiting. We told them about the delay, too.
We kept going.
12 22 Fillmore buses in the opposite direction went by in the 10 minutes we were walking.
I left Carmen on the corner of her street.
"Let me know tomorrow what happened," she said.
As I passed Katz Bagels and waited on the corner of 16th and Valencia, my bus came. But at that point it was way to crowded for me to even try to ride it.
I kept walking.
I managed to catch a 33 Stanyan at Mission.
I got out at my usual stop and kept walking the rest of the way, stopping only for today's paper and to wave at someone I know who works at UPS.
I still got to work before anyone else.


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