Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bus Report #295

t's been a good couple days for seeing regulars on MUNI.
Last night I saw the Alien Donut Man at the donut shop. As usual, I tried not to stare but ended up staring anyway.
This morning I had the Handsome South Asian Chef on my 38 Geary.
I was glad to see him, it's been a while. He looks good, happy to report he's still handsome.
On the 22 I sat with Carmen and our usual crowd of bus mates managed to parade onto the bus in their usual order.
The three bad brothers
The kid who always wears bandannas around his neck
The tall, dark-haired, dark-eyed man who gets on at Haight
The man who looks familiar from the back
The woman with the inappropriate frilly dresses
The mom with the first-grader
The sewing ladies

At Carmen's stop I got a new seatmate, a man with several backpacks who talked to himself the three stops we shared a seat.
At Mission, the woman I thought was a toothless man barked at her seatmate to get up. She proceeded to drop her bag (of tent poles? I couldn't tell) out the door, and then scrambled down after them.
On the way home, my 38 was packed.
So packed, I had the opportunity to have one of MUNI's least desirable experiences: the rotating line up of crotches pressing against my shoulder. Joy of joys.


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