Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bus Report #297

Last week a man got on the 38. he had a backpack on, and he had stowed his takeout cup of coffee in one of those mesh pockets on the side.
He sat down next to me and took off his backpack.
That's when we both noticed the cover had come off the coffee, and it was sloshing everywhere: all over the bag, the seat, this guy's jeans, the floor….
I dug a packet of tissues out of my bag and handed it to him. "Not a great start to the morning, huh?" I said.
He shook his head ruefully. "Nope."
He mopped up all the coffee from the seat and the floor, then tried to wipe it off his jeans, to no avail.
He moved to a different seat.
The bus smelled like coffee for the rest of the ride.

This morning I had the sort of mean driver.
I was thinking she was getting a little nicer, but I was wrong.
At Mission she told us, through her scratchy, hard to hear PA system that she was going out of service at 16th and Bryant.
That was okay with me because that's where I was planning to get out today anyway.
But no.
Instead, she went out of service at 16th and Harrison, which is NOT the same thing, at all.
As I walked the rest of the way to work I passed two other busted 22 Fillmores. One needed to be pushed and the other had a couple of panels open on the side and looked like it may have overheated. It might be a Tuesday, but boy, it sure felt like a Monday this morning.


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