Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bus Report #304

At 6:50 AM, do you want to get picked up by a random dude waiting for the 22 Fillmore?
If you were me today, the answer would be, no, not really, but thanks.
It was still dark and the only people in my bus stop were the homeless guy who camps out there and a twitchy man in a baseball hat with a sheaf of papers tucked under his arm.
He kept stepping into the street, looking for the bus, then he would check his watch and step back up onto the sidewalk. After a couple minutes, he would do it again.
I had my headphones on so when he came over and looked like he had a question, I took off the headphones.
"Let me ask you something," he said. "Are you single? Cause you're pretty cute and I'm wondering if I have a chance."
Not the question I was expecting.
I invoked my fake boyfriend Josh, but thanked him for the compliment.

When we got on the bus, I had the misfortune to sit next to a man who smelled bad. It wasn't an overpowering bad smell, but anytime he shifted in his seat I caught a wave of it: unwashed clothes and maybe something else. I wished the windows were open.
At Mission my smelly seat mate got out, and I immediately opened the windows. Ahhh... Much better.

The city finally turned on the traffic lights they installed at Vermont and 16th.
They weren't cycling a walk cycle last week which was a little weird, especially for a walker like me... I had to dodge traffic that days earlier would have just deferred to me.
Looks like they fixed the problem, though.

The sign for the Metronome Ballroom was taken down yesterday. I hope it means they're getting a new sign and not that they are closed.


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