Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bus Report #301

I am back home after a lovely, refreshing visit to LA to see the Professor and the rest of our family.
It was great, involved lots of eating and sightseeing and taking the LA Metro.

The 300th post contest entries were both great so I flipped a coin to see who won, The Other Rachel or Kathleen.
Well, the coin must have been double sided, because they both won.
Rachel, I have your email but Kathleen if you want to claim your prize please send me yours (leave in comments or email to me, my address is in the sidebar)

Great job, ladies!

The latest MUNI news is that they are considering lines to cut, among them are:
7 Haight - which I already thought had been folded into the 71 line.
3 Jackson - does anyone ride this? I never have.
4 Sutter - at least according to one article I read. I like this line, hope they save it.
66 Quintara - another line I thought they'd already gotten rid of.
56 - never taken this one.
2 Clement - seems they would shorten this line and encourage people to take the 38 or the 1 instead. I could live with that, even though I take this line from downtown a lot.

Anyone know of any other routes that are on the endangered list?


Blogger Grrg said...

I read on SFist the 37 Corbett was not long for this world. Which sucks because walking up Twin Peaks is HARD. But which makes sense because only rich people live on Twin peaks, right?

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the 37 is going away? well that figures...

You like me... you really like me... I can't beleive I won!! lol

6:12 PM  

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