Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bus Report #305

Quiet commute this morning, with just a few minor observations.

Big truck parked outside the Fillmore... Must be a big show tonight or tomorrow.

The Hotel Casa Loma is still for sale if anyone wants it.

The girl with the bad dye job has a tattoo on her lower back that says JIM in big block letters (I changed the name for anonymity's sake, but it was a similar name). I only saw it because her purse fell open and everything fell out, and she bent over to pick her stuff up. We should all chip in and get her a belt, or a longer T-shirt or something.

The smelly seat mate from yesterday turned out to be the wearer of the faux-suede dirty lavender hat who I see almost every day. I did not recognize him when I sat next to him. Oops.

I had the same morning routine today as one of the Cor-O-Van guys. It was funny to see him every step of my routine, from the bus, to the store, to the coffee shop, to the corner of the street.

Thiesen Glass was closed due to family emergency. Hope everyone is okay now.


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