Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bus Report #306

This morning I must have caught an early bus, because there were tons of open seats. I sat towards the front, across from a woman in bad shoes who was working on homework or a report of some kind.

On the 22, I sat behind the catfish face man and across from the faux-suede dirty lavender hat guy.
It was a quiet bus, too, with only one woman talking loudly on her cell phone.

At Shotwell, a man got on who looked pretty normal, at first: he wore a suit with a copper-colored waistcoat and matching tie, a tan trench coat and had a briefcase and newspaper in his left hand.
Then I noticed: his right hand was shrouded in a huge, filthy bandage/cast. It was stained with all sorts of weird spots and streaks, and looked as though it was loose, or coming off.
It looked like a mummy hand.
Very odd.


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